High Lifting Car Scissor Lift

High Lifting Car Scissor Lift

We design and develop High Lift-Scissors Lifts that find application in lifting heavy loads to higher heights. ). We make these available in most sturdy and efficient performance mode. The superior finish standards make these easy to handle loads to different levels. Offering easy loading and unloading interface, these lifts can also be custom built in different sizes & capacities as demanded by the customers.

Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 1000 kgs to 6000 kgs
  • Lift: : 40 feet (12 mtrs)
  • Standard controls are prewired and internal power unit is onboard. Installation simply includes lagging the lift to the ground and connecting electricity.
  • Exceptionally low lowered height allows on and off load flexibility.
  • Single-piece, steel reinforced legs and a 1/4- to 3/8-inch-thick steel platform make for extremely solid construction and easy adaptability.

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