Outdoor Hydraulic Goods Lift

Outdoor Hydraulic Goods Lift

We manufacture a comprehensive range of Outdoor Hydraulic Goods Lift with full interlocks and safety features and can be easily installed in existing building, factory etc. with minimum structural changes. The range offered by us is durable and safe and has electromechanically door interlocks. These Outdoor Hydraulic Goods Lift find application in factories, job sites and places where goods have to shifted from one location in the premise to another.

Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 1500 Kg
  • Lift: : 30 mtrs
  • Absolutely safe in operation
  • The lifted platform is locked in position by dual - hydraulic as well as mechanical - locking arrangements
  • The platform has to be intentionally lowered by manually releasing the mechanical lock and then pushing the lever to down position
  • Fail safe electrohydraulic lifting system, has a provision for lowering the stacked car even in case of power failure

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